How It Works

Mobilizing trained volunteers who own an RV to respond during times of disaster

You and your RV can make a difference. With simple online training you can provide essential roles to a community affected by disaster. Choose your length of stay-Choose your level of service.

Housing volunteers during a disaster is a critical concern to communities.  Because you have your RV and provisions with you, you are ready to serve!

What is MyRVDC?

The MyRVDC portal is your personalized online experience connecting you with valuable resources for RV enthusiasts when disaster strikes.  This portal is your “one-stop” resource for completing your application, completing the required training and certification, and logging service hours in times of need.  In addition, the RVDisasterCorps.org online portal will be your primary point for all necessary communication.

Let’s get started!  Below is an outline of what you can expect as you prepare for serving with our disaster corps.

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Your MyRVDC profile is customized to you.  It requires a valid email address and password and will be your primary login information to access the MyRVDC portal.  You are required to create a free profile before proceeding to the application and certification process.

After you create your profile, follow the prompt to login successfully.

Step 2: Complete Your RVDC Enrollment

Upon logging in successfully, click on the “Complete Your Application – Click Here” link.  You will be directed to the application for service.  Please complete the online form followed by clicking the “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the page.  Once submitted, your application is automatically accepted, and you may proceed to completing the training and assessments.

Step 3: Training and Assessment

After completing your application, you are required to fulfill the training and assessment requirement before serving.  After logging in, navigate to the Dashboard of MyRVDC – it is located on the blue left side navigational menu.  On the Dashboard, click on the “View Training” link for Unit 1.  After completing the training, you may take the assessment by clicking on the “Complete Assessment” link under Unit 1 on the Dashboard.  Please follow the View Training and Complete Assessment process for subsequent Unit 2, Unit3, and Unit 4.

Step 4: Ready to Serve!

After completing all trainings and assessments, you are now ready to officially serve with RV Disaster Corps in times of disaster!  At any time in the future, you can always login to MyRVDC and review your training and assessments by using all links on the Dashboard.  Also, please stay connected to RVDC on Twitter (@RVDisasterCorps) for the latest and most up-to-date information and opportunities for service.

You may view your Certification by clicking on the Certifications button on the Dashboard.  Your certification is tracked by completion of all required applications, training, and assessments.

Step 5: Track Your Service

During times of service, you may return to MyRVDC to track your service hours.  After logging in, click on the purple Track Your Service button on the Dashboard.  The online system will keep an on-going history of your tracked service hours.