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Our Mission

Mobilizing trained volunteers who own an RV to respond during times of disaster

You and your RV can make a difference. With simple online training you can provide essential roles to a community affected by disaster. Choose your length of stay-Choose your level of service.

Housing volunteers during a disaster is a critical concern to communities.  Because you have your RV and provisions with you, you are ready to serve!


The Corporation for National and Community Service is a federal agency that helps millions of Americans improve the lives of their fellow citizens through different corporations, such as AmeriCorps, the Volunteer Generation Fund, and Senior Corps.

Texas Senior Corps is the leading senior volunteer service partnership for solving community problems, strengthening communities, and building the capacity of nonprofit organizations in Texas.

Because Senior Corps is a place based program, in times of disaster, the capacity of Senior Corps to provide assistance to the impacted community is entirely predicated upon the location of the event. In Texas, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), an organization within Senior Corps, is active in half of the 254 counties which covers approximately 40% of the state so 60% of Texas cannot be currently served by the Senior Corps in a disaster.

Recreational Vehicle Disaster Corps (RVDC)

To address this gap, Heart of Texas RSVP has developed a program Recreational Vehicle Disaster Corps (RVDC). RVDC is a federally funded nonprofit serving communities effected by disasters. RVDC consist of roving volunteers to serve as secondary responders in times of disaster. The members are recruited from the thousands of RVers that own recreational vehicles. Once recruited and trained these disaster response RVDC volunteers prepare to travel to disaster areas to meet the need of staffing volunteer reception centers for the mid-term period of 1-2 months after the disaster.

Because they have their own accommodations traveling along with them our volunteers are able to re-locate to the impacted area without consuming the generally scarce local housings resources.